Miss Universe 2010 National Costumes

Hit it again, ladies!

Miss Albania Angela Martini

Miss Albania attempts to jump on the Flying Stripper bandwagon with Miss USA. Unfortunately, her sad little wings are clearly non-functional. Besides, she looks a little bit like a gargoyle and that's not hot.

Miss Angola Jurema Ferraz


Miss Angola will KILL YOU AND EAT YOU!

Miss Argentina Yesica Di Vincenzo

Miss Argentina does not have time for your silly costumes. Miss Argentina is here to find a husband.

Miss Aruba Priscilla Lee

As is Miss Aruba. Our money's on her.

Miss Belgium Cilou Annys

There's nothing better than playing tennis in 4-inch heels with yards and yards of fabric trailing behind you. Really ups your game, we hear.

And in case you didn't pick up on the subtle themes here, Miss Belgium kindly carried a tennis racket and stuck a tennis ball in her hair for the slow people in the crowd.

Miss Colombia Natalia Navarro

Miss Colombia will be accepting human sacrifices by the fountain outside the Mandalay Resort right after this photo call.

Miss Croatia Lana Obad

When did the national costume portion of the program get crossed with the swimsuit portion? When did all of these countries decided that the best way to represent their culture and accomplishments was to put a girl in a bikini? Because when we hear "Croatia," a girl in a bikini is not the first thing to spring to mind. Or the 50th.

Miss Egypt Donia Hamed

Even stranger than the ones whose costumes seem to have nothing to do with their country and everything to do with their tits, are the costumes from countries that have clear and obvious cultural references that the wearer simply doesn't want to incorporate. The thinking here seems to have been "It's gold! That's kind of Egypty, right? Please don't expect any more of our women to dress like Cleopatra. They're all sick of it."

Miss Finland Viivi Pumpanen

Miss Finland wants you all to know she's ready. Find her the rich man and she can get married at the drop of a hat. Ask her about the wonders of Finland and she'll spit out "I'm great in bed and I'll make you happy!"

Miss France Malika Menard

The French have issued a fatwa and Miss France has gone into hiding.

Miss Georgia Nana Gogichaishvili

Miss Georgia's pissed that she went the traditional route. She's all, "Shit. Even that ugly cow from Croatia got to wear a bikini."

Miss Great Britain Tara Vaitiere Hoyos

If she really wanted to be provocative, she should have shown more skin and had her sash say "BEEFEATER."

Miss Greece Anna Prelevits

So here are the only themes as far as we can tell:

3)Some sort of goddess figure

At first we were all "That's a sad commentary," but you know what? It's the Miss Universe Pageant. The only "commentary" here is that silly girls will do silly things for fame and money.

Miss Guyana Tamika Henry

Miss Guyana just got back from taking down an evil Tiger Lord. She will be returning to the jungle shortly, but she just wants to wear 4-inch heels for a little while longer.

Miss Honduras Kenia Martinez

Miss Honduras is a gigantic feathered cat creature and she will fuck your shit up if you piss her off.

Miss India Ushoshi Sengupta

If you're gonna be all tasteful and appropriate, Miss India, you might as well stay in your hotel room.


Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell

"Faith and begorrah! The wee folke took my skirt and forced me into stripper shoes!"

Miss Italy Jessica Cecchini

"Italy! We kill people!"

Miss Jamaica 2010 Yendi Phillipps

That's how it's done, people. Go and get it, Miss Jamaica.

Miss Kosovo Keshtjella Pepshi

In Kosovo, their showgirls pay homage to cows.

Miss Lebanon Rahaf Abdallah

She's not really Miss Lebanon. She wandered in from a Ren Faire and someone slapped a sash on her. She's not even Lebanese.

Miss Netherlands Desiree van den Berg

"The Netherlands! Where we all dress like Shirley MacLaine circa 1978!"

Miss Norway Melinda Elvenes

Sigh. Go stand in a corner with Miss India, Miss Norway. You're ruining this for us.

Miss Panama Anyoli Abrego


Miss Puerto Rico Mariana Paola Vicente

To be honest, we actually think the rainfall effect is kind of cool. Although we're not sure what the message is here. "Come to Puerto Rico! There's a 65% chance of rain!"

Miss Romania Oana Paveluc

She looks like a wedding invitation from a bride with ADHD.

Miss Serbia Lidija Kocic

Miss Serbia wants you to check out her basket.

Miss South Africa Nicole Flint

We're not sure what this has to do with South Africa but we have to admit the colors are beautiful.

Miss Sweden Michaela Savic

Her dress was packed in 30 small boxes, required a special child-sized tool to put together, and will fall apart the first time it gets humid.

Miss Trinidad & Tobago LaToya Woods

YES! Trinidad & Tobago is not fooling around here!

Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska

"Eclipse" Break the Record With 30 Million Dollars

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" melebihi pendahulunya, "New Moon", sebagai pemegang rekor box office tengah malam.

"Eclipse", film ketiga dalam waralaba "Twilight", meraih 30 juta dolar AS dalam tayangan tengah malam, demikian menurut Box Office Mojo. Rekor sebelumnya diraih oleh "New Moon" dengan total nilai 26,3 juta dolar AS, November tahun lalu.

Pendapatan sebesar 30 juta dolar AS yang diraih Rabu pagi (30/6) itu termasuk lebih dari 1 juta dolar AS dalam penayangan IMAX, melebihi "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" --yang meraih 959,000 dolar AS.

Starring Andrew Garfield Peter 'Spiderman' Parker

LOS ANGELES - Sony Pictures has announced Andrew Garfield will be Peter Parker in the upcoming film production of Mark Webb.

Spiderman 4 stretch film production schedule. Since Tobey Maguire resigned to be human spider, Sony Pictures practical search for a name who's going to play Peter Parker.

Previously, Sony had announced Mark Webb as director of Spiderman 4. This film was due already started production in May 2010.

"Although his name may sound new, just so you know this young actor has a remarkable talent," said Webb as quoted from the site DigitalSpy, Friday (2/7/2010).

Owners full name Andrew Russell Garfield has a rare combination of intelligence, intellect, and sense of humanity. "Mark my words, you'll love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker," challenged the man who had directed (500) Days of Summer.

Producer Avi Arad, adding he was really interested by Andrew Garfield. In Spideman tradition, the production was deliberately looking for an actor who's smart, sensitive, and cool to be a Peter Parker.

"(The character) is the new Peter Parker who can inspire us and make us laugh, cry, and cheer," says Avi.

He believed Spiderman has been found and Sony have chosen the right actors to portray Peter Benjamin Parker, a photo journalist who has the extra strength to be human spider. "We believe further that he was the right actor," he said.

Three sequel Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi. But the end of 2009, both retreated.

Mel Gibson Custody Complications

He always seems to be dealing with drama, and the latest issue in Mel Gibson’s life is concerning his visitation rights, or lack thereof, with his eight-month-old daughter Lucia.

According to a report, Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva filed a restraining order against him and prevented him from seeing his little girl on Father’s Day.

As a result, the “What Women Want” stud has decided to scale back his generous child support payments to the minimum that they agreed upon when they split up.

Prior to the restraining order ordeal, Gibson was reportedly forking over $10,000 a month to Grigoreva for support in addition to buying her a multi-million-dollar home and snazzy car.

Free Yourself With Automate Batch

For those who already know about Automate Batch, this article may not be of much interest, but to those who don't, reading on could possibly be the best moment of your life (or at least this week!).
Imagine how long you must have spent doing repetitive jobs over and over again in Photoshop, for example opening a batch of photographs; resizing them; saving them; then resizing and saving them again for thumbnails for your website.
Well, actually there is a tool in Adobe Photoshop that will do all that for you – Automate Batch!

I can remember when I was first told about Automate Batch, and I've since passed on the knowledge to a couple of my designer friends who upon their discovery had the exact same response as I did, starting with a kind of depression when you think back to how many wasted hours you must have spent on those tedious processes, which then turns into a moment of epiphany when you use Automate Batch on a large job for the first time!

So, how do you use this Automate Batch thing? Well, firstly ensure you have the Actions Palette open (Window > Actions).


For the sake of this article I will modify a group of my photographs, by scaling down in size, desaturating then save a copy on my computer and close the file.

Open up one of your images in Photoshop, click the New Action icon at the bottom of the window, give it a name if you like, and press Record. You will notice the cirlular red icon in the Actions Palette which indicates Photoshop is taking note of whatever you do next.


Next perform your desired tasks, in this case scaling down the image (Image > Image Size), desaturating (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate), save a copy (File > Save for Web) and Close (File > Close).


Once you have completed your tasks press the square Stop icon in the Actions Palette.
Go to File > Automate > Batch.
In the second dropdown you should find your most recent Action, if not, select it from the menu. In the Source section the most common selections are either to use files within a Folder on your computer, or use files currently open in Photoshop. For this article we're going to use the 'Folder' option, in which case ensure you select your appropriate folder from the 'Choose' button (the folder with your photographs awaiting processing). The Destination section further down has a similar interface with varying options, for this article we're going to use None because we already set an action to export the processed image through Save for Web. For other uses the 'Folder' and 'Save and Close' options could be used instead.


Once your desired settings are entered simply click OK, then sit back and watch your computer do in seconds what could have taken you hours!
Press escape at any time to stop the automation, otherwise wait until the process is complete then find a bunch of resized, and desaturated images in the folder you specified earlier.
Obviously the Automate Batch can be used for many other tasks, while the Action is recording you can perform as many alterations you wish (filters, image adjustments, layers styles etc), which Photoshop will then repeat throughout the automation.

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